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Power washing and cleaning


"I've been having Washpros clean our sidewalks, bathrooms, and floors for our business monthly for 1 year and they have done an excellent job!"

– Susan (Fargo)


“I never thought the rust stains would come off of our concrete patio. Washpros came through big time and saved me a ton of money. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Angie (Fargo)


“Washpros has been coming to our site to wash our trucks and trailers for over two years now and they have done an excellent job. They are much more thorough than the previous power washer.”

– Justin (Fargo)


“I had mildew stains running up and down the outside of my house and Washpros cleaned it up quickly and efficiently. I could not believe that all of the mildew was gone. They did a great job!

- Sarah (West Fargo)


We have Washpros come to our restaurant once a month and clean our sidewalks. They do an excellent job at removing the grease, gum and crud. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a power washer.”

- Todd (Moorhead)

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